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Why work with Thomson Reuters

For over 200 years Thomson Reuters has been advancing the art and science of law. Whether through the most up-to-date legal content, driving innovative legal technology, or ground-breaking legal insight, Thomson Reuters provides legal professionals across the world with the technology, intelligence and human expertise they need to find trusted answers.

Access to Unrivalled Data

Access to Thomson Reuters product APIs help start-ups develop and test ideas with real world products and high-quality data, helping you think fast, work faster, deliver fastest.

Trusted Partner

We are a trusted, leading organisation within the legal tech space that shapes how legal professionals work, think and innovate.

Commitment to the Profession

We are dedicated to supporting, expanding and influencing the legal tech start-up community and recognise it as a key player in the evolution of the legal industry.

Actionable Advice

Our human expertise uniquely positions us to provide hands-on guidance, practical advice and access to leading tech and business experts.

Size of a Corporate, Mindset of a Start-up

Throughout our company, all over the world, we are always thinking of smarter, more efficient ways to act quickly and deliver better solutions for the world’s most complex problems.

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